Out of State is a movie about Raymond, January, and Jeremy, they are all searching for something that will let them be like they once were... something that will let them be happy. Raymond believes he is from another dimension, and he also believes that he must consume humans in order to cross back home. January and Jeremy are both mentally ill, they want to be happy again... they want to be well. All three set out to find their past, and end up in a town controlled by Bruce. Now Bruce isn't interested in his past... all he seems to care about is his future.. and a chance at immortality. was it him who set all of the events in motion that brought these three misfits to a town full of outcasts, or is there something even greater, and more powerful at work behind it all. Perhaps January and Jeremy weren't as ill as they thought.. and maybe, just maybe Raymond really knew what he was doing when he ate all those people.

Out of State is a horrifying psychological thriller, wrapped in myths and metaphors, with Beefart and Cheenkaw fighting the good fight as usual.. with donuts.

Running time: 1 hour 15 minutes.  Black & White (tinted.) Aspect ratio 4:3 letter boxed 16:9.
This movie contains Violence, Coarse Language and brief nudity.