Barry May as Raymond Hedges

Raymond believes he is from another dimension, and that he must consume human meat to gain the proper nutrients to cross back home one day, he is told by a mysterious dead Beaver to find the tree of Reason in order to make his way back to his own dimension.

Quynh-Mi Nguyen as January Kettle 

January is Jeremy's girlfriend. She is told that they must leave at once to find the tree of reason in order to be cured of their mental illnesses. She is eventually hypnotizes by Raymond and kills Jeremy. This leads her to a mad search to find the tree before Raymond can use it's power.

Isaac Malik as Jeremy Olesia

Jeremy, like January is mentally ill and paranoid of most things. He doesn't trust anyone, and when he ends up in the Minehead cafe, he has good reason not to. All he wanted was for him and his girlfriend to live a normal life, but unfortunately, that will never happen.

Rene Gonzalez as Bruce Beamerson

The owner of the Minehead cafe. Him and everyone in the town of minehead are from the same alternate dimension that Raymond came from. They were sent away in order to maintain the social integrity of their planet.. get rid of the outcasts and everything will seem fine. Unfortunately they can only exist in our dimension for a hundred years, unless the powers that be back home let them stay. It is Bruce's hope that when Raymond crosses back home, he will save the town of Minehead from certain doom.

Terry Ramsay as Detective Cheenkaw

Raymond can't go around eating people without getting notice from the police. Detective Cheenkaw, along with his partner Beefart are on the case.. but not very well.

Blaise Kolodychuk as Detective Beefart

Detective Beefart, with Cheenkaw have been put on the most strange and gruesome cases in Calgary, and this time is no different. Will they be able to catch the villain, or will their lust for coffee and donuts get the better of them?

Amanda Kolodychuk as Dr. Melaena

You can't really act as strange as Raymond without ending up at the psychiatrist's office. Dr. Melaena visits Raymond's home each week for his therapy sessions, she truly cares about Raymond and hopes for his well being.

Karen Joorisity as Julie

Julie is Bruce's partner at the Minehead cafe, she would follow him to the end of time if he asked her to.

Farrah Alladin as Suzie

Suzie adores milk in all it's forms and eats vitamins too! However she was unfortunate enough to meet Raymond one night when he was feeling especially peckish.

Cheryl Becker as Cassandra

Cassandra attends the same art class as Raymond, he follows he home one night to give her a 'special assignment'

Carly Thomas as Cassandra's Mother

Deeply concerned about the disappearance of her daughter, she talks to Beefart and Cheenkaw, and gives them an important clue.

Marisa Mori as The Ghost

The ghost lives in the town of Minehead, and tries as best she can to prevent the evil from taking place.. but unfortunately in January's sorry state of medication withdrawal she is mistaken for an enemy.

Craig Martin as Hank

Bruce met Hank one night down at the Alpine Steak and Lounge.. he is a very evil and twisted man.

Elaine Boyling as the voice of The Beaver

The beaver is sent from the other dimension to help Raymond along with his journey to the Tree of Reason.

Blaise Kolodychuk as the voice of The Frog Man

Another resident of Minehead... the slimy frogman lives in a shack out in the forest and thinks Bruce's search for immortality is ridiculous, he believes that life should be constantly moving forward, even in to the unknown.