Cheeko and Enrico go hook up with Cheeko's girlfriend, Enswavi. She is pissed off because they are late again.

She has had it with Cheeko, he never pays any attention to her, all he ever does is go out and get drunk and start fights.

Enswavi runs off in a fit, and Cheeko tells hes about how Mike Flash stole his car.
Enswavi says that maybe Mike Flash deserves his car, and maybe her too!

She runs off to the back alley behind the Alpine Steak and Lounge.

While there she runs in to Mike Flash, who is more than happy to take care of her.
But cheeko, and Enrico catch up to them, and fighting ensues.

Enswavi runs off in the midst of the madness. And Cheeko leaves.
Little did Cheeko know, it was all a plot so Enswavi and Mike Flash could hook up.