The story opens with Leroy Dyes, He is on the phone making arrangements with Josh Kashmen to place some bets at the Fowler Creek Horse racing track.

Josh hooks up with Leroy to pay him some money that he owes him, but Kashmen tries to rip Leroy Dyes off, Leroy pulls out a gun, but before he can do anything, they re spotted by Mike Flash... in the commotion Kashmen runs away, but he drops his wallet.

Leroy is pissed off, and wants to get the money owed to him from Josh, so he picks up his friend Cheeko Rowhaus on the corner...  They drive around and find Josh Kashmen... the beat him up pretty bad and take all the money he has.

Meanwhile Mike Flash picks up Kashmen's wallet
and goes to his place to return it.

Leroy tells Cheeko about how Mike Flash saw him threatening Kashmen with a gun, they decide to go get him.

At the same time, Mike Flash and Josh are planning to get revenge on Leroy and Cheeko for the beating.