Cheeko and Gringo figure they should go back to Gringo's pad so Cheeko can recover from his injurys... stopping off at the liquor store first.

Meanwhile, Josh Kashmen and Mike Flash come up with a plan to go to Gringo's place and finnish them off for good.

Cheeko is starting to feel better after he downs a bottle of rum, but the fun is cut short when Mike Flash and Kashmen burst through the door.

The fight at Gringo's Pad commences!

shit man, hit the deck!

Who dat?

he hit me in my jewels!

This is what you get for messing with cheeko!


what do you think of that? motherfucker!

We are the Boys of Fowler Creek!

After the fight, Josh Kashmen is hurt pretty bad, and Mike Flash takes him home.

Cheeko decides to celibrate by frying up and egg for Gringo.