The story of Olive.

Deep in the basement of a very old house that has been forgotten for years there was a very old terrarium. Inside this terrarium there was a whole world of things going on that no one would ever know about. And that is where Olive lived.

One day she was out having a picnic by herself when a giant bumble bee came up to her and told her that she should go in to the forest off in the west where people don't generally go. You see the bee had an ulterior motive for telling Olive to go in the forest... she knew there was some thing.. or rather some one who was just down right horribly mean and grumpy pretty much all the time. And the bee knew that Olive was the one person that could possibly help him out.

You see, a long time ago, the wolf's clockwork got all dirty and old and tangled up in a way that made it ugly and go the wrong direction.. and when the clockwork was running backwards, the wolf wasn't very happy any more.

In the forest lived a person named Toc-Choi... he wasn't bad.. but he didn't have any friends out there.. since the only other person who lived in the forest was the wolf.. and he's no fun at all... so when he saw that Olive has come to the forest, he got very excited, but didn't know how to say hello... so he snuck very quietly in to the Wolf's cave, while the wolf was out of course.. and picked a marble from the wolf's marble tree. It was the most beautiful thing he could think of to give her.. and while Olive was sleeping, he left it in her arms.

Unfortunately, the wolf noticed that one of his marble's was missing and he saw that Olive was the one who had it! He decided to chase her down until he could get it back... luckily Olive is a fast runner, and she escaped to find the table leg eye ball portal. It's a great portal to get you away from clockwork Wolves that want to eat you up.. if you know how to use it... luckily Olive is clever enough to figure it out...


After that Olive finds herself in more amazing places with more amazing people and creatures.... does she help the wolf out, or just get caught and eaten?