Olive is a girl who lives inside an old terrarium that has been long forgotten.. she doesn't know that that is where she lives exactly.. to her she just lives in the world. She lives a life like anyone else.. she had a brother once but he went missing in the forest a long time ago. She does have parents.. but they don't listen very much.. so Olive spends a lot of her time outside imagining amazing things and wishing for even more amazing things. One day she met the bumble bee.. who may or may not be a bee.. the bumble bee may just be some one she will meet later on.. or someone she has known all her life... but the important part is that the bumble bee tells her a secret that lets her go find some of the things she has been dreaming about all these years. You see She was the only one who would be able to help the Clock work wolf.. Who isn't bad.. but does tend to eat people up and be terribly grumpy most of the time. he is SO grumpy in fact that no one wants to live in the forest where he lives.. no one except Toc Choi, who doesn't have anyone else anyway, and the hide from the wolf game is something that helps pass his days away.

Now.. everything is connected, but some times the best way to get somewhere is directly through a door.. and there is a particular door in this terrarium that is owned and operated by Gertrude the frog. Olive may just be able to convince Gertrude that the door should always be open.. it may be a good idea, and she may regret it... At any rate.. on the other side of this door is where most of the people went when the Wolf got a little too scary to stay around. The milk man lives there, and so does The Pimento Family who runs the Inn. The Milk Man knows everyone in the whole world.. mostly because he has been delivering the milk around there for as long as anyone can remember. He has always wanted someone to help him... but no one ever seemed to want to take up the route with him. Maybe he will find someone one day.. until then.. it is the Milk Man and the Milk Man alone who travels all over the whole world delivering milk. The Pimento family really are sweet people, but they are terribly afraid of the wolf.. they were the first ones to move out of the forest and go live on the other side of Gertrude's Door. They are SO scared in fact that they have implemented a strict Nine PM curfew every night... and the doors to the Inn are locked so no one can get out... or get in. The mice aren't too scared of the Wolf however... Mr. and Mrs. Mouse and the children live a life filled with fun and adventure.. even if it is on a mousey scale..

One of the frequent occupants of the Pimento Inn is the mysterious U.F.O. Man, who is absolutely excited about the prospect of aliens and space ships and life outside of the Terrarium as they know it. He follows the teachings of Alan Landsburg and studies all the different mysteries in their world... he has one wish.. to be taken in to a U.F.O. and go flying away with the aliens.... but it is a little far fetched to hope for something like that.


One of the reasons the U.F.O. man stays at the Pimento Inn so often is because it is located very close to the mysterious sighting of two of the Terrarium's biggest mysteries.... the Sea Monster.. and the Mermaid. The Sea Monster is said to live in the Ocean that is right beyond the bridge to the other lands... the U.F.O. man spends a lot of his time on his boat looking for the sea monster... he spends almost as much time sleeping in that boat as he does sleeping in his bed at the Pimento Inn! That's okay though.. it is a good boat and he keeps it stocked up with food and any thing else he needs... however, he has still never seen the Sea Monster up close... perhaps he is using the wrong bait? And he certainly has never ever ever seen the mysterious Mermaid.. she is said to live in a secret lagoon, and only the Monster knows where it is... She is beautiful, and it is rumoured that she is also magic... and has the ability to make almost anything as beautiful as she is. Even the most nasty ugly things... she doesn't do much really... just a bit of dusting.. and voila! guess what, it was pretty the whole time anyway.. Someone else who is most certainly magic is Butter-Sally the fairy... though she lives on the boarder of Olive's reality and another one that no one has ever seen before... she steps back and forth between them, giving people hope and helping them find the keys to a more peaceful and exciting life...

Anyway.. those are some of the people in the Terrarium.. you will get to meet all of them soon when you watch the movie. Thanks!