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   Cheenkaw dies of a heart attack. The local authorities take
   Bo-Bo's body to a laboratory for testing, he is
   in a complete state of comatose.

   Rolf is returned to earth by Osirus, he has no memory of
   who he was or what has happened to him. A gift from
   Osirus, in hope he could now lead a normal life.

At the Daystrum Institute of Scientific Research and Technology, where Bo-Bo's lifeless body has been kept for the last five years Dr.Ratcliff talks to his supervisor about what he has discovered. Which is that Bo-Bo is not human.

Beefart is at home still running his private detective agency, he has a dream about Bo-Bo attacking him. Little does he know, Bo-Bo's soul has escaped from hell, and returned to his body on Earth, breaking out of the Daystrum Institute, killing any one in his way, as he makes his way back to Calgary.

Dr.Ratcliff is sent to follow Bo-Bo, and hopefully stop him before any one more gets killed.

But Bo-Bo has already made his way back, stopping to kill a girl who was hanging out at an empty school.

Meanwhile a man who looks very familiar is looking for a new place to live.. he calls up an ad placed by Rolf in the news paper. And soon goes to his new home. Rolf knows he looks familiar, but because his memory of who he is, and where he has been was wiped, he can't place his finger on it. The man show Rolf a picture of his father, whom he never knew... it is a picture of Cheenkaw! Meanwhile, Bo-Bo Baboon Boy stays in Rolf's house to watch over him for Osirus.

Bo-Bo has now broken in to an unsuspecting girls house on his vicious search for Rolf. The poor girl doesn't last long against the likes of this terrible killing machine.

Back at Rolf's house, Rolf and Cheenkaw's son discus the strange man in a red mask who seems to be hanging around the house.. They decide to confront Bo-Bo Baboon Boy. But Rolf finds himself talking to Osirus... he explains that he has to return Rolf his memory in order for him to defeat Bo-Bo once again...

Bo-Bo kills a drunk guy who is on his way to see the dead body at the school...

The next morning Ratcliff arrives on his plane, he goes to see Detective Beefart immediately, and explains the situation.. Beefart didn't know that Bo-Bo was even still alive... Ratcliff tells him that Rolf is still alive too, and they find his where abouts by using the police files on the computer. Beefart phones Rolf, and they make a plan to meet.

Bo-Bo is on his way to where he thinks Rolf may be.. and runs in to a girl in the woods. She gets killed.

Rolf arrives at Beefart's place, and Ratcliff says that there may be a chemical that he could produce that may make Bo-Bo's cells stop regenerating, and then they would have a chance to destroy him.

Bo-Bo is on his way out of the woods when he sees a couple who's truck is stranded on the side of the road... the poor kids never had a chance.

Ratcliff makes his way to the university Science lab facilitys, and begins work on the Anti-Bo-Bo chemicals.

Rolf goes home to get Cheenkaw's son, but finds him dead in the tub as a result of a sleeping pill overdose.. he apparently could not handle his true past...
Beefart listens in on the police radio, and discovers where Bo-Bo is heading.. Rolf arives back at Beefart's place, and he and Beefart head towards Bo-Bo's last know destination.. the old bingo hall. They pick up Ratcliff and the elixir on the way.
Bo-Bo is waiting for them and promptly hurls an ax in to Ratcliff's chest... Beefart picks up the elixir off the ground and chucks it in to Bo-Bo's face hopping it will take away his amazing powers of regeneration... Beefart then puts a bullet in Bo-Bo's chest. The potion fails, and just melts away at Bo-Bo's mask, revealing a hideous face underneath. Bo-Bo grabs Beefart's head and twists it around backwards... Rolf slowly moves on Bo-Bo knowing this will be the last chance he will ever have to defeat him. But before he has a chance to do any thing at all, Bo-Bo reaches deep in to Rolf's chest and pulls out his still beating heart, leaving rolf to look at it as he dies, a last and final time..
With no one to stop him, Bo-Bo leaves to destroy the entire planet.

With no one left to stop Bo-Bo ever again, the good side of Bo-Bo's soul, Bo-Bo Baboon Boy collapses, and ceases to be...

(c) 2000 SC Films
written by:
Paul Whittington, Blaise Kolodychuk and Terry Ramsay
Directed by:
Blaise Kolodychuk, Paul Whittington and Terry Ramsay

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