September 1999

Five years after the carnage that took place in the woods.... Rolf is still dead, and Bo-Bo is gone...

Our story starts with Beefart, now a full detective with his own private practice. he arrives home after a full day's work, and lies down for a nap... his dreams turn in to a strange world, where the people who have been important in his live turn in to 'Spider Man' comic characters... in the end Bo-Bo cuts off Spider Man's head...

Rolf is in the after life, speaking with Osirus, when he learns that Bo-Bo wasn't captured at all, but in reality it was Satan in Rolf's dream telling him to slay him self, realizing that Bo-Bo will be back, and even stronger, Osirus sends Rolf back to earth as the 'un-dead' so stop Bo-Bo.

Both Bo-Bo and Rolf return to earth and meet in the Abandoned House... Rolf the zombie, and Bo-Bo have an amazing fight, and in the end Bo-Bo plunges a sharp piece of glass through Rolf's chest.... Rolf falls to the ground, and Bo-Bo leaves.

Rolf awakes on the other side of reality and is greeted by his old friend Begal, as well as Bo-Bo baboon boy, who tries to show Rolf the truth about Bo-Bo, but Rolf is returned to Earth before he can see what is under Bo-Bo's mask.

To divert attention from him self, Rolf uses the power of Osirus to retain a more human look, rather than walking around like a corps.

Meanwhile in Calgary two guys are planning to have a big party, Zippy, and Leon are doing all they can to get thier friends in on the action. Unfortunately Bo-Bo is back in town, and ambushes one of Leon's friends on the way there... using his new found power Bo-Bo blows the guy's head up.

Beefart is in his office tonight, working on his book, which he hopes to sell, and raise funds for his charity, 'the Cheenkaw foundation for victims of brutal crimes...' when he gets a mysterious call from someone, asking him to meet them at the old bingo hall...

Zippy and Leon's party is going pretty good, till the neighborhood geek, Bob Backland decides to show up, he makes a complete ass out of him self and gets kicked out of the party. But Bo-Bo has already arrived, Backland sees the bodies of several people out side, and manages to escape Bo-Bo... Bo-Bo goes in the house and kills the dozens of people who are in attendance.

Beefart arrives at the Bingo hall, and to his surprize Cheenkaw is waiting for him.. after an emotional reunion Cheenkaw explains that when he was thrown to the ground in the attack 5 years ago, he lost his memory and wandered off, ending up in Maui, and heading the Police force there. About a month ago he was hit on the head and all his memories were returned to him, that's when he set out to find Beefart... They realize they have been having the same strange dreams.

The next day Rolf arrives in Calgary and sets out to hunt Bo-Bo, with the aide of Osirus.

That morning Backland is instructed by the City Police to go to Detective Beefart's offices, to tell him about what he saw last night, and to see if there is anything Beefart can do, and to give him doughnuts. They set out for Cheenkaw's apartment.

Rolf has found Bo-Bo, but Osirus seems to have disappeared... with out his guide, Rolf doesn't know what to do, and panics.. he starts running, with Bo-Bo right on his tail. Rolf escapes.

When Backland and Beefart arrive at Cheenkaw's apartment, Cheenkaw reveals that he was taught the ancient art of Hypnotics, by the ild prophets in the Tibetan mountains, while there on duty.. Cheenkaw puts Beefart in a hypnotic state and tries to extract more information about the strange dreams they have been having, thinking that it all may have something to do with Bo-Bo's return. While in the hypnotic state Beefart over hears a conversation that Rolf is having with Osirus. Osirus tells Rolf that the only way to destroy Bo-Bo is to get the septer of Osirus, in which he has placed his power... the septer is hidden in the mountains out side of the city... Rolf leaves to retrieve it. Beefart wakes up and tells the others of the septer, Beefart and Backland leave to get it, leaving Cheenkaw behind to care for his injury he got a month ago.

Satan instructs Bo-Bo to stop the three men before they reach the septer, and Bo-Bo leaves for the mountains as well, on the way out of town he kills a guy at an ice cream shop.

Unaware that Rolf is on his way to get the septer, Beefart and Backland start the treacherous journey up the mountain, while at the same time Rolf is going up the other side... the trek is perilous, but Rolf arrives first, being led by the will of Osirus... The septer is located in a small cavern on the side of the mountain, and it is magnificent... soon Beefart and Backland arrive, and see Rolf. Rolf explains that he is the walking dead, and the three leave to make a plan. The septer cannot be used yet, and has to be prepared by Rolf in order to bring the amazing power of Osirus to Earth.

But on the way back down to mountain Bo-Bo shows up. Knowing that it must be the septer he is after, Rolf gives it the Beefart to take to safety, and proceeds to do another battle with Bo-Bo, to get him away from the septer. The fight leads them to an old construction area on the side of the mountain... after a tremendous battle, Rolf rolls an old cement mixer over top of Bo-Bo, and escapes.

The septer is now back at Cheenkaw's apartment, and Beefart and Cheenkaw start making a plan, Rolf however knows the danger involved in this, and secretly contact's Backland to bring him the septer alone. Backland brings the septer to Rolf, and convinces him to let him help...

Using Backland as bait, Bo-Bo chases him to the woods where Rolf is waiting with the septer of Osirus... Harnessing all the power of the septer Rolf blast Bo-Bo in to oblivion, killing Backland while he was at it... Rolf returns to the world of the dead, now that his mission is over.


(c) 1995 SC Films
written by:
Paul Whittington and Blaise Kolodychuk
Directed by:
Blaise Kolodychuk and Paul Whittington

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