After the shock of seeing Bo-Bo dissapear, Rolf began seeing the psychiatrist Dr.Michigan frequently, but the menace of Bo-Bo him self seemed to dissapear.. untill now.

Begal again survived the attack of Bo-Bo, as the branch barely missed kis heart..  but was soon to be victum again... on a strole home from the hospital he was the first in another Bo-Bo rampage. Having a hammer stuck in his head.

Next on the agenda, was a young man on the city outskirts... using his powers of teleportation, Bo-Bo sticks a pitch fork right through him.

And where is Rolf? Still at the psychiatrists, going well over his two hour session... Rolf is nearing the end of his rope, and can barely grasp reality after the horror he has been a witness to, as well as the supernatural.

Rolf's friend, the little boy who told him he saw Bo-Bo as he rode past the abandon house over six months ago finally meets his end with a knife in his gut.

And the innocent get it too as Bo-Bo makes a path that will lead him to Rolf, another gets killed, this time it is a young woman on her way home from a party. Slit Throat.

Rolf finaly leaves his appoinment. It is dark now, and he head towards Lissa's home. Lissa is an ex-girl friend who has become Rolf's closest confidant. He tells her about his psychosis, and his problems with Bo-Bo, and she tells him about her every day issues, like what she should do about her parents, and her new boyfriend and such... Lissa lives in a trailer, and Bo-Bo is getting closer.

 While searching through the trailer court, following the scent of Rolf, he kills again.. shoving a pole through an unsespecting man.

But who else has been after Bo-Bo? Surly it is a major issue with the police. But one of the original detectives who arrested Larry Johnson at his home in 1984 leads the investigation, along with his partner Constible Beefart, they search the streets of Calgary, night after night, looking for any clue. Often leading them to their greatest passion: Coffee and doughnuts.

Rolf finaly bids Lissa farewell, and leaves for home, but soon after, Bo-Bo comes knocking on Lissa's door, and her head with a base ball bat.

On his way home, Bo-Bo jumps on Rolf's car, forcing him to stop. He chases him around the neighborhood. Rolf run's to his friend's house, but is soon grBbed by Bo-Bo, and taken out side. Rolf manages to escape, and keeps on running. Rolf's friend has the good sense to phone the police. And Cheenkaw, and Beefart are dispatched to the guy's house.

Bo-Bo is still on hot persue of Rolf, chasing him around the city. Rolf is begging any one who will listen, to phone the police.

Beefart and Cheenkaw arrive at the house where Rolf was dragged away by Bo-Bo, and look around. And soon leave.

Rolf finaly loses Bo-Bo, by hiting him over the head, and dazzling his eyes with a street lamp... he continues looking for help, and Bo-Bo continues looking for blood. Soon killing a girl who is just sitting in her back yard reading.

Rolf runs in to Cheenkaw and Beefart, and trys to explain his situation. They know about Rolf, and his frequent stops to Dr.Michigan every day, and don't take much he says seriously, that si untill they see Bo-Bo, and persue him to the old bingo hall. There is a stand off between Rolf, Cheenkaw, and Beefart, and the terror known as Bo-Bo. Cheenkaw can't believe his eyes when Beefart shoots Bo-Bo twice, with little effect.

Bo-Bo knocks down Beefart, and Cheenkaw shoots him again, this time Bo-Bo falls. Thinking he is dead Cheenkaw goes up to the body, and gets taken down rather fast by Bo-Bo. It is all up to Rolf now, as he runs at Bo-Bo with a machete.

All three are shocked beyon reason when Bo-Bo dissapears in to thin air once again.

(c) 1993 SC Films
written and directed by:
Blaise Kolodychuk
Terry Ramsay
Paul Whittington

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